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More scraps yay
Hey, can anyone guess the character just from the hair and accessory? Mad respect to you if you can.
This one was pretty fun. Constructing figues with boxes is rough (so far) but, even as a rookie, I like the results.

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“You’re a life saver, thanks for the tickets.” A man puts a small wad of cash on the table, a girl slid two tickets to him. As he walked away she took the money, briefly enjoying the flutter of the paper and glancing towards a ticket. “...There’s about one minute left,” she thought to herself. “I might as well see it, right?”

The girl took a seat, the stage itself wasn’t noteworthy except for a puff of smoke suddenly appearing at the center as a woman with a light purple dress with dark purple at the sides walked to the center from the side. Was this really what she was selling tickets for? “I’m sorry everyone but I appear to have missed my cue. They wanted me to come in from a rising platform in the middle,” she giggled to herself. “Oh well, thank you all for coming! Let’s start a show!”

Two comfy looking chairs appeared with a poomf as she dropped two cards, Elizabeth sat in one and crossed her legs, the knee-length purple boots clacked as she drew a card from nowhere. “It is time to pick a volunteer, let the card decide!” She showed the face of the card, a person on stage with all lights on them, then tossed the card into the audience. Drafts blew it that way and there before falling upon the girl who sold tickets.

“Get on up here, the card has chosen!” The girl shook her head meekly which only caused the magician to laugh. “I see, let’s give her a hand to encourage her then!” She felt an intense urge to accept her role as volunteer grow all of a sudden, the face of the card went translucent and she smiled on the way up.

“What’s your name, if I may?”
“I’m Megan. I had my doubts about watching.”
“Did you have an accident if I may ask,” Elizabeth faintly gestured towards the other chair as the card flittered back to her hand. “You’ve bandages and all those… metal replacements.”
“Oh, no,” Megan’s cheeks flushed a bit as her glowing eye darted to the floor as she sat. “I just thought it all looked cool. Sorry to say.”

Wait, why did she agree to go up here again? Megan worried that this magician had some mind control of her own suddenly. Though she was pretty, especially her blue hair with that bob and snug purple dress... wait this was no time to get distracted! The magician laughed a bit while the lights dimmed and a top hat popped out of another card. “Please, put your hand in. You’ll like what you find I promise.” Her arm moved on its own and delved into the depths.

Eventually her hand came out holding a golden pocket watch. She let it drop from the chain, this would sell well. Elizabeth flicked it, a shimmer catching Megan’s eye as it swung. “I said you’d like it.” Her hand twirled a card through her fingers. “It’s rather beautiful isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is.” She watched it swing, appreciating the engravings on it. Elizabeth hummed lightly. “Let’s dim the ‘lights’ so you can really see the beauty.” Everything got a bit darker and Megan felt tired. Her pale hand flicked the watch.

“People say my eyes are just as beautiful, do you agree?” Megan followed the golden watch to her golden eyes, her body relaxed and her mouth opened, about to say something before Elizabeth intervened. “I think you do. Hm, the others are finding this rather funny.” Megan seemed a bit confused, feeling a growing wetness on her leg and hearing nothing. “Oh, you must be exhausted, Megan. Go ahead and rest, nap… sleep!” Everything went black.

“There we have it! I have put into a trance the girl whom oh so rudely sold my tickets at a way too high price to some of you.” The crowd applauded, the limp girl didn’t even stir. Elizabeth looked over Megan, her mouth hung open and drool dripped to her leg. She brought a hand over, trailing a finger down her sides. The faintest of a mindless smirk formed and Elizabeth knew what to do.

The darkness faded to purple, Megan yawned and stretched. Elizabeth was standing in front of her in what looked to be a… bedroom? She was surrounded by several stuffed animals and could see several long feathers. “Tsk tsk. You’re from a family with money but you sold MY tickets right before the show at such a high price!”
“...How do you know that?”
“You fell for my hypnosis, now I’m going to punish you.”

She sat up, grabbing the book in her pocket and flipping it open writing in the first blank spot. “Elizabeth is unable to move.” The magician stopped mid-walk. “Sorry, but I’ll be the one punishing you. You didn’t know about my book, now I can have some fun.”
“Megan, freeze.” Her body stopped as Elizabeth hummed to herself. “I couldn’t get an answer from you, but I saw your scribbled in words. Didn’t take too much to figure out, Meggy. Now, write in that ‘Megan feels her feet being tickled when Elizabeth snaps her fingers’.”

Her arm shook in conflict as her hand slowly wrote it in. “Now let me be able to move again.” Megan did so, she felt like a cat when held by the scruff. Elizabeth came up, extending a finger and pushing her onto the bed with a thud. The infernal finger went under her shirt and circled her belly. It instinctively sucked in and a grin grew upon her face.

“Well, looks like somebody's ticklish.” The cavalry came, the remaining four fingers skittering all across. Megan bit her lip, snickering. “Give in,” Elizabeth snapped her fingers. “Let it all out, Meggy.” Her dam broke and she started laughing, the faintest of twitches at her toes. Her tormentor giggled. “That’s right, you can barely move anything other than your face. I almost forgot!”

Her body was yelling to move and get away, she couldn’t even make a fist though. “Mehehehercy!” Megan’s tormentor shook her head, adding another hellish hand to her belly. She was being tormented and couldn’t do a thing! How long would this last she wondered, a lewd thought intruding upon her: forever.

A card floated up to her face with a picture of a brush. Elizabeth held her hand out as the card flew to it, depositing a brush into it. “I’d love to drag this out, but I’ll be quick to thank you for being such a good assistant.” She put Megan’s feet together, brushing the soles.

Megan screamed into laughter, she could feel every single bristle tickle her being. Her vision blurred, tears pouring out of her eyes. It didn’t take long before she passed out in exhaustion. Elizabeth giggled to herself and gave a small peck to her cheek. “Sweet dreams.”

She awoke in her bed, looking around. “...Was that just a dream?” A shimmer caught her eye, the pocketwatch from before hanging from the door. Upon grabbing it, she found a picture of Elizabeth winking with a small note. “Here’s my number, maybe next time I’ll let you ‘catch’ me.” Megan grinned and grabbed her book, flipping it open for revenge. “Megan will feel herself tickled all over for an hour upon opening this book.” She stared at the command blankly, feeling a familiar sensation start to wash over her.
Magician's Punishment (Gift by Coolpizzacook)
Hello Friends! This one's a story written by good 'ol coolpizzacook , he's super cool. Featuring my OC Megan (who I don't do enough with) and his OC Elizabeth.
... I think it's super super cute. I'll totally draw somethin up once exams are over LOL.
Hypnotized Valentine's Feet
Edit: Holy Smokes, I forgot to tag anything on this pic.
Also, am I 2 months late for Valentine's day, or 10 months early for next year's Valentine's day?

Haha, April fools!!!
wait, no, this was actually supposed to be for Valentine's Day, but I'm slow as fuck. Idea from VG-MC.
TLDR: I'm sick, I feel like I'm not improving at drawing. Let me know in a comment if you guys want to see sketches that I do on paper. 
EDIT: I'll upload random sketches to my scraps folder pretty much daily. Take a peek if you're interested, and I really hope it doesn't pile up people's notifications.

Heya out there to all you people who read these! So... I'm sick kinda. Nothin too bad, should get over it real fast. No sore throat or anything, just kinda stuffy nose. I'm gonna come clean... I don't think I'm a very good artist. Maybe I'm being too harsh on myself, but... I just don't feel like I'm living up to the standards I want to set for myself. So, I've got to practice some more of the basics, I think. I'm gonna sketch a bit more stuff every day on paper or maybe on my tablet for about an hour, maybe 2 if I'm lucky.  I want to show these to people so that I can get some help on where to really focus and double down my efforts on.  So comment saying what you guys think I should do for putting these up. Do I put them in my scraps folder? Do I send people that want them links of sketches? Should I just say "fuck it" and upload them to my regular gallery? I'm leaning towards just noting people links, so lemme know if you want to hop on that list or if I should just put them in the scraps folder. Maybe I can kinda do both, and put them in my scraps at the end of every week, and send ones daily to people who want them?
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Whoa, can I just put whatever here? Uhh
I like video games. And anime. And I've got a few fetishes that I like to draw out. Like hypnosis. And feet and tickling.



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may I see more sweaty and smelly feet hypnosis like before. Love it so much~
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Do you do requests?
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Could you draw this character being hypnotized into showing off their feet by some kind of mind control goggles?
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I just want to say that I love your work! The combination of tickling & hypnosis is my favourite type and there is a sevre lack of it out there! Your use of Overwatch characters is super (mercy voice). :D
I'm not too familiar with the other characters but the ideas and situations are so unique and fantastic that I enjoy them anyways! I would really like to see you get your hands on some Marvel Cinematic Universe girls but if thats not your thing, then I can't complain as you've already got such a great gallery. Keep up the good work. :))
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Thank you very much for the kind words! Never gave MCU girls much consideration, but I'll use them for some practice sketches and see how that goes.
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